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4-Way Volleyball Net with Carrying Backpack & Ball 

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CROSSNET 4-Way Volleyball Net with Carrying Backpack & Ball

  • First ever fully adjustable, 4-way volleyball net and the ideal-sized for 4 players-per-round lawn games for adults and family outdoor games for all occasions
  • Built to last and ideal for your next outing, this premium quality net is sure to be a staple of your backyard games and summer fun whether you’re out at the beach, the park, or up at the lake
  • Featuring a unique, one-of-a-kind design that is intuitive and compact, this volleyball net for backyard setup is a breeze so you can enjoy action-packed fun in minutes and fold everything back
  • Whole family will enjoy this volleyball sets for backyards with net with everything included to modify your net’s height, combined with the game’s simple, easy-to-grasp rules and objectives
  • Comes complete with volleyball training equipment accessories like singles net (4 players), steel uprights, travel backpack, volleyball, pump, boundary lines, and rule book
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